Wait (Five Minute Friday)

I am participating in Five-Minute Friday today.  Kate Motaung posts a word prompt each Friday.  Bloggers then just write for five minutes on that topic with out worrying about editing their work. 

Today’s Prompt is: WAIT

Wait. A word I dislike, yet find myself saying far too often.

Wait seems to be a pattern in my life. Probably because I have a tendency to always be in a hurry. I can remember being in a hurry to grow up, move out, graduate college, marry, get a job.

My kids always seem to be in a hurry too. And now I am constantly telling them to wait. Wait till I am finished helping your sister, then I will help you. Wait your turn in line. Be content that it is winter. Wait patiently for Spring.

This season in my life, in some ways I feel as if God is telling me wait. Wait. I’ve got something for you to learn in this place. Wait. Learn contentment. Wait. See how I am going to move. Wait.

Wait on the Lord.

6 thoughts on “Wait (Five Minute Friday)

  1. Waiting does requires patience; however, what He has for us is always worth the wait, and, thankfully, He gives us all the grace we need to wait patiently. Thanks for your post. Visiting from Five Minute Friday.

    • Yes, I think that is key. One of our elders says often that we should keep on with the previous marching orders until God gives new ones. So, while I wait in some areas, there are still clear steps to take. Thanks for stopping by.

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