Update on Strawberry and Observations from Children’s Hosptial

Strawberry did well with being sedated for the MIBG scan and we were released from the hospital today at around 4 pm.  We will be returning tomorrow to meet with an oncologist.  A few people have inquired as to why we would not get the results back today and the best answer we have been able to conjure up is that the radiologists would not have enough time to view the scan and then send a report to the doctor for us to have an appointment with the doctor today.  

In the last two days of spending most of my day at the hospital, I have made a few observations as well as noticed a few “God moments” (times when I could clear see God’s hand in a situation). 

A few observations that I made yesterday are as follows.

1.  I find it very uncomfortable to be the only person (besides Strawberry) who does not understand the language in which everyone else is communicating in.

2.  It is even more uncomfortable to be the only one sitting in a small waiting room with a couple making out three chairs away from me.  

3.  I do not handle watching (or even hearing the audio of) Sponge Bob for 5 minutes very well….much less for over 2 hours.

I also had a couple of “God moments” yesterday.  

1.  After sitting in the waiting room yesterday (enduring the above things) for long past the time our appointment was scheduled for, two ladies and 5 youngish kids walk in.   Strawberry perked up and started kicking her legs in excitement, when they came in (I think the activity and noise level reminded her of being in our home).  Something seemed very familiar about them but I could not put my finger on it at first.  But then I heard them talking to the little girl and I heard her name.  At that point I realized that it was probably the family that my friend Sarah  had mentioned to me that there little girl was diagnosed with neuroblastoma when she was 3 years of age.  Sarah had also told me that she had called her friend and told her about Strawberry’s possible diagnosis.  So, I asked the mother if she knew Sarah, to which she responded that she did. When I told her who I was, I started to tear up, and she reached out and gave me a hug and informed me that she had been praying for Strawberry and our family.   While she and I stood there talking, her friend that was with her asked if she could hold Strawberry.  She took Strawberry and sat down with her and read a book to several of their kids plus Strawberry.  Strawberry greatly enjoyed that time, because while the book was being read, Strawberry was grabbing all over her little boys head and face like she does to Sweet Potato.  Both of those ladies blessed me yesterday, and I know that it had to be of the Lord that He would put someone in that waiting room that already knew a little about us, had walked the road of what we could possibly be facing, and it be someone who was praying for us.  

2.  When I walked out to the parking garage and saw our van, I realized that I had left a light on in the van…for several hours.  I was a bit fearful that the van would have trouble starting, so I asked the Lord to please help it to start, and then proceeded to start the van.  I did not have any trouble with it starting – Praise the Lord.


It’s hard seeing some of the kids we have seen and it just makes me want to cry to see the outward evidence of what must have been some major physical pain for these kids.   Some of what I have seen, just really makes my heart hurt for these kids and their families.


We will be meeting with Oncology tomorrow around 1:30.   Please pray that the radiologists and oncologists will have clear answers about what this soft tissue is that they have found in our little Strawberry.  Pray for wisdom for the doctors.  Pray that regardless of what the results are, our family will bring glory to God, the Author of our lives.  

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  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! She actually called me yesterday to tell me that she got to meet you! I had goosebumps! :o) I’m also a little sad bc she invited us to go down with her on Wednesday- but I’m still leery of taking Ezra very far from home bc he screams like crazy in the car (and the screaming further aggravates his GERD)…and then we came down with awful colds. So it was for the best. But I’m SO glad you got to meet her. She is a wealth of knowledge on this subject and one of the DEAREST women that I know! Praise the Lord for being so faithful! :o) She said that she told you to call me if you needed her number- feel free to anytime. Hang in there. I know the waiting on the unknown is the hardest. Love and hugs!

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