Thoughts on Adoption

As a teenager and on up, the Lord has given me a heart for missions.  I always thought that He would call me into missions.  To this point, He has not.   But He has impressed upon Hubby and my heart how important it is to support missions.  I can’t wait till we can get out from under the rest of our student loans, so that we can more freely give towards missions.

Adoption is a bit like missions.  God has been developing a heart in us over the last several years towards adoption.  The Lord has yet to call us to adoption.   But He has impressed upon our hearts how important it is to support financially those whom He directs us to support who are pursing adoption.  Again, I can not wait till those student loans are gone so that we can help those who are in the processing of adopting so that that they can share the love of Jesus with the lost, hurting, and those who are in such desperate need for a home.

I recently saw a preview for Rescued, coming to DVD on February 24th, which presents the heart of adoption and the caring of orphans.  I hope to be able to get this movie and watch it.  I encourage you to watch the preview.

If you haven’t thought much about adoption and those pursing adoption I encourage you to do so.   Growing up, I was taught that adoption was a second best option for those who could not have their own biological children.   That is so far from how it should be!  That is so far from God the Father’s Heart!  Adoption is not intended only for those who can not have their own children.  But instead, adoption is one of the best pictures to the world of what God did for us when He adopted us into His family.  Adoption is for those families who are called to adopt – regardless if they have 10 biological children, 2 biological children, or no biological children.

I also encourage you to prayerfully consider supporting those who are in the process of adopting.   God may lay it on your heart to give to some in the process and others He may not give you a peace about supporting .  Ultimately, He should direct where the money goes, but you have to ask  Him so that you know where to direct those funds.

I also encourage you to follow some adoption stories.  It is amazing to see the lengths and the waiting that some of these families go through to bring a child into their family.  If you do not know of anyone adopting, here are  a few of the adoption processes that I am currently following.

You can follow our friends,  Justin and Tiffany, over at Another Texas Family as they are waiting for all the paper work to go through so they can bring home their little girl, Whitney.

Another set of friends, Kyle and Kristine, are in the process of adopting a baby who is currently living with them.   Follow along with them to see how things are going with three children  2 and under in the house (2 of those being  6 months and under).

You can also follow along at the Childer’s Family Adoption site.  Justin and Jeanna were both great encouragers to me during my time in high-school and I am thankful to be able to tag along via their blog as they walk through this process in an effort “to make much of Jesus through adoption.”


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