The Election/Prayer/Revival

In just over 4 weeks, Americans will be going to the polls to cast their vote for president and other elected officials.  As important as it is for Americans to all show up at the polls and vote – it is even more important for Christians to use these last days leading up to the elections (though I encourage you to be praying long beyond election) to get on your knees and battle in the spiritual realm.

I’ve heard many people voice their concern over the course of our nation – and yet as I’ve talked with some of them, the only vision they do seem to have for our nation is one of glum and despair.  No doubt, that if we continue down the road we are on, we will self destruct or be weakened to such a state that another nation can basically come in and push us over.   No doubt that there are nations who have their sights set upon such a feat.  But I do say that the only way that the things that make this nation great or have made this nation great will be preserved (or returned to) is through the hand of God.  So, I say, “Hope in the Lord,” and lay aside your fears for our country at the feet of Christ. As a response to those who say, “there is no hope this late in the game” or “I will vote but my vote doesn’t really matter because of the state I live in” – I will use the words of the Lord. In Numbers 11, God rebuked Moses for inquiring of Him as to how He would manage to feed all the Israelites meat in the wilderness as a result of them complaining about God’s provision of just manna:

“Is the Lord’s hand shortened?”  

God is capable of ANYTHING!! He delivered the Israelitesthrough the dry land of the Red Sea. He made a donkey speak. He had His son pay for our sins on the cross and then rise again three days later.  He is God. And His hand has not been shortened.

So, if all Christians were to go to the polls, we may or may not see a great change in the climate of our country.  But…on the other hand, if believers will get on their knees and begin by confessing our sin as individuals and as a nation and beseeching the Lord to bring revival to the hearts of individuals, to families, to churches, to the country……then we will see a change.  True revival affects every level of a society.   If we pray (not a causal flippant prayer – but earnest heart felt), I have no doubt that God will show up.  How?  I don’t know.  I know that if God wanted to, He could put on the hearts of millions of people in our country a name who is not on the ballot – He’s big enough to do that – but believers have to be listening to hear.   We need to pray for ears to hear and eyes to see.  God may usher into the political offices men and women who fear Him and who won’t pass evil laws ( and there is a multitude of unrighteous laws now).  We may not see a big change this election, but God might start a revival of bringing many into His fold.   I don’t know how He will reveal His hand but I have no doubt in some way – He will show up to those who earnestly seek Him.

There are a few resources that I want to point you to.

Revive Our Hearts ( a ministry I just love) is having a Seeking Him Together Prayer Challenge.  You can click to their site and join in on the topics they are praying each day or sign up to have a prayer focus sent to your email box.

You can sign up for 40 Days of Prayer for our nation leading up to the election.  I am not really familiar with this ministry, but the video I did  watch of this pastor addressing the issues that our nation is facing was very well aligned with many of the concerns that I have had developing in my heart over the course of the last couple of decades (since my days in high school when I first started scouring over God’s Word).

Also you can go check out the why for revival, sign up for emails about how to pray, and just find some good resources by going to One Cry: A Nation Wide Call for Spiritual Awakening.

Even if you don’t click through and check out any of these resources, you can participate by joining in with many across the nation by committing to seek the Lord for Revival everyday at noon.

Our only hope is found in Christ and God listens to the cries of His people.  Will you begin to cry out to Him?

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