Teaching Service Through Chores

When Hubby and I sat down and were thinking through how to assign chores to our kiddos we were trying to figure out a way for them to each do a chore that would directly bless one of their siblings and that was not self-serving.   We both mulled over in our minds what that chore could be and we came up without an idea.  After praying about this we both looked at each other and instantly said the same thing, “They can serve one another by being responsible for putting up someone’s laundry other than their own.”

So, Plum puts up Sweet Potato’s laundry.  Sweet Potato is assigned to putting up Blueberry’s, while Blueberry puts away Plum’s clothes.   I am still mainly responsible for putting away Grape and Strawberry’s clothes, but sometimes Blueberry and Plum will take the initiative to serve their littlest sisters and their parents by putting away the youngest one’s clothes.

It has been more than a year since we made these arrangements and it has worked  very well.   Grape has also grown considerably in that time and we are currently training her on how to carry her clothes bin upstairs and put clothes away before we reassign  and give her responsibility over one of her siblings clothes.

This is part of Works For Me Wednesday.  Check out some of the other ideas posted there – they just may simplify your life.

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