No More Glasses

I recently shared about Strawberry getting glasses.  It has been six months since she first started wearing them. For the last month, she has been complaining that her glasses are blurry.  Now, my little girl managed to cover her glasses with smudges and food many times throughout the day.  But even after cleaning them, she would still complain about them being blurry.  I didn’t push the issue too much, because I knew we had an opthamologist appointment scheduled for this month and she was really great about wearing them up until this point without complaining that they were bothering her.

When we went in, I had them asses her vision both with and without glasses.  They found her vision better without the glasses and her eyes are both seeing at nearly the same strength. No more glasses for Strawberry!  YAY

Strawberry with doll her Mee-Maw got her for her 4th birthday.

Strawberry with doll her Mee-Maw got her for her 4th birthday.

While she looked adorable in her glasses, I am thankful that she now can have the freedom to go without the additional luggage of her glasses.  Praise be to God.

Answered Prayers for Strawberry

My Strawberry turned four in February.  This little girl, whom we desperately cried out to the Lord for in her early years.  So many of you did too.  We appreciate those prayers.  We are so thankful for His answer that the spot continued to shrink.

Blessed to have to deal with just the effects.  She had surgery to correct the droopy eye in September of 2013.  An addition of glasses in  December of 2014.  Praise be to God, that is the extent of her physical effects.


She’s always been a bit different from the others.  Dissolving to tears in frustration, fear.  A loss for words.  Complete meltdowns. Much more clingy to her parents than the others were.  Mistrusting of people she first meets.

We’ve discussed often, is this just the make-up of her dna?  Is she just a more sensitive child? Would she have been as high-strung had she not been poked and prodded at by strangers at such a young age? Or maybe we coddled her too much? Spoiled her when she was little.  Over reacted to all her needs for fear there was more gloom to come.

Whatever the case, we have learned disciplining her is a different ball game than it was with her siblings.  She’s just more sensitive.  We have to talk to her differently.  Get her to catch her breath so she can even begin to hear what we have to say.  She is a different child.

God still is in the business of answering prayers, and I saw it in regards to this child a few weeks past her 4th birthday.  We were having a rough patch of tears and meltdowns.  I found myself one night beseeching the Lord, “I need wisdom for this kid.  Help her.  Draw her to you.  I don’t know what to do with her. Only you Lord can change her.  Only you can draw her heart to You.”


The following morning, we had breakfast and followed that up with chores.  All the kids were beginning their school work, and I thought to myself, that it just seemed so much more peaceful. I wondered why.

My Strawberry, stands up from her activity, walks over to me, and boldly announces “I’m going to obey today.”

“You are?  That’s good.  What made you decide to obey today?”

“Because God told me to last night in my bed while I was sleeping.”

She did really well that day.  At one point I asked her to complete a task that was displeasing to her.  I saw it on her face.  “Sweet girl, remember what you were going to do today?”

“Yeah, I told you I was going to obey.”

As she went about completing her task, with a pleasant face.

God hears.  He answers.

And He has a plan for this little girl.

The Wind and the flies

Strawberry’s sweet voice is often heard belting out a song as she runs around the house or rides along in the car. She doesn’t always get the words just right and sometimes she is actually blending a couple of songs together. She had me laughing the other day as she was trying to sing one of her favorite songs, 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman. She was singing the right tune but when she got to the line “the sun comes up, it’s a new day dawning,” she started getting all mixed up. She started to interchange the words with another song that says “the rain comes down and the flood comes up.” She tried to get the line right several times and kept changing the words and then the tune. Then she sang out, “the wind dies down and the flies come up.” Frustrated with herself she turned to her brother and said, “Help me sing it!”

Strawberry’s update

Last month brought levator surgery for our little girl to repair the droopy eyelid because it was beginning to block her vision. She looked horrible for several days as a result of all the bruising from surgery, but once we got past the bruising, swelling, and pain her eye has looked so much better. The best part being she has more visibility because her eyelid was no longer blocking her sight. We still had to patch her for the first month after surgery. On Monday, we saw her opthamologist who said her vision looks great, the surgery went really well, and we no longer have to patch her other eye. Praise be to God! It is nice for the patching season to come to an end.

On Tuesday, she had her annual MRI to check the spot on her lung. Another great praise is that it has not changed and she has continued to grow, so it amounts to nothing more than scar tissue at this point. Since she has gotten older, leaving behind the chemistry changes that occur in the body which could trigger a neuroblastoma to grow, as well as her being so healthy, and developmentally on target, there is no need for further scans. Praise be to the God!






Praise be to God! Update on Strawberry

Strawberry had an MRI today to check the spot on her nerve near her lung. The spot is still there. It has not changed in size even though she is growing in size. This is very favorable news. The doctor said that we will need to bring her back for her next MRI In a year.

She did much better this time around with the doctors. Even so, when we finally managed to get her to wake up from the anesthesia- she was not very friendly to anyone except her little sister. Dewberry received many hugs and smiles from her. The rest of us had to settle for scowls.

Strawberry also thoroughly enjoyed her special time of hanging out with just Dewberry, Mommy, and Daddy. She had so much fun talking to us at the restaurants and playing at the hotel.


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One of the many reasons we have play clothes

In our house we have two main categories of clothes. We have “town/church clothes” and “around the house (also known as play clothes). I limit the amount of clothes that each child has out, to help keep laundry more manageable. There are many reasons for the way I handle our laundry situation. My first reason for having play clothes is that I grew up in a home with a difference between what was allowed to be worn at home and what we wore out to “town.”.

My next reason is that I want my kids to be able to play and get messy, much like I did as a child, without getting in trouble for ruining their clothes.

And they do – just like I did at their ages.





Strawberry turned 15 months.  Yesterday.  Just yesterday.  Today she learned how to crawl out of her crib.  And might I add, that she is quite proud of herself.

I find myself wanting to cry.   In my mind she shouldn’t be big enough to do that.   I needed a few more months before she learns that trick.

I guess I should not be too surprised.  Grape learned how to climb out of her bed around 15 months too.

So to keep her safe for tonight she is in the pack-n-play, but it is only a matter of time before she learns how to crawl out of that too.  I’ve seen her try, and she gets pretty close to pulling herself out of it.

I am not sure what we are going to do.

I can say that life is going to be pretty crazy around here for awhile.   Grape does not stay in her bed well (and gets up multiple times at nap and bed time to go potty).  Strawberry can now get out of her bed.  And I have a newborn to nurse.   Plus Hubby is going to get back to his regular work schedule next week.  I am pretty certain that my opportunities to take naps have come to an end for some time.

The Lord is giving me more opportunities to learn to draw my strength from Him alone.

Life with our newest

The kids all love their baby sister. Grape enjoyed reading to her.


She is very much taken with her.  She told me that she wants me to go back to the hospital and adopt another baby.  I asked her if we adopted this baby and she confirmed to me that we did in deed.  I am guessing that she chose the word adopt because one of her friends recently gained a little brother through adoption.  Plus we have friends who have been “in country” trying to adopt a little girl whom they hope to have back in the states by June.   So for now in her mind, bringing home a baby is the same as adopting one.



Strawberry adores her too.  Though she does seem a little bit jealous at times.  She wants to hold her and kiss her a lot and gets very upset when we do not let her.  At one point, Strawberry signed with her hands that she wanted, pointed to baby, and said, “Baby doll.”  She enjoys holding her until baby girl starts grabbing Strawberry’s clothes and legs and then Strawberry gets a frightened look on her face.  I also find it really cute that Strawberry will sit and watch the baby and when the baby starts kicking her legs, Strawberry will kick hers. She also watched baby girl as moved her mouth in a sucking motion.  Then Strawberry would mimic those same movements with her mouth.


Blueberry has been excellent with her. Tonight she sat and held her while I was holding Strawberry before bed time.  Baby girl was a bit fussy, so Blueberry patted her back and bottom while rocking back and forth until baby girl drifted off to sleep.  She is going to be a great helper.


Sweet Potato loves his buddy.  He has been waiting a long time to have a buddy to help take care of.   He told us before we had her that even if it was not a boy, it would be okay because he just loves babies.  Even so, I think that he is starting to kind of go through a bit of mourning for the brother he thought he was going to get.  Today seemed to be a hard day for him and he made mention of how he is the only boy.   Nonetheless, he loves her and is proud to get to hold her and help us take care of her.


Plum loves  her and is always eager to hold her too.  I know that she too will make an excellent helper with baby girl.

Our sweet little girl has many people to love her and to hold her.  And we are all very thankful for her.