Breakfast Pie

Breakfast Fruit and Nut Cookies

Cranberry Granola Bars

Double Chocolate Oatmeal Muffins

Main Dishes

Borscht Soup – A vegetable beef soup starring beets. Don’t let the beets scare you off. It has a great flavor.

Chicken Spaghetti – this is great for making one and sticking the other one in the freezer to save for a potluck, a quick meal, or to take to a family in need of a meal.

Cream of Broccoli Soup

Red Potato and Broccoli Soup

Savory Chicken Sandwiches – a crockpot recipe

Taco Soup – great soup, hard to mess up!

Beef, Patty pan squash, Potato Stew


Turnip Mashed Potatoes

Convenience Foods

Onion Soup Mix

Make Your Own “Cream of ……” Soup

Kitchen Tools

Recipe Calculator



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