Opening my eyes

Another week of Five Minute Friday, where writers come together, to put thoughts to written word in five minutes of unedited writing.


This week’s word:  OPEN

Light filters in the crack of curtains, dark.  Eyes squint trying to adjust to the light peeking in.  I open the curtains and give time for my eyes to adjust, to be ready to open to the day.

Have it my way, many mornings I would stay in the dark much longer, lingering, delaying the opening of my eyes.  Content to stay put.  Stay still.  Stay quiet.

I find life parallels the spiritual.  Too many times, I would rather stay closed, shut.  Not letting Light in to those places that need light to shine.  Instant light hurts.  It reveals sin. Yet just as I want to hide from light during the morning, I thrive from the warmth of the light as it filters into a room.opening-my-eyes.JPG

The same way with the Light of the World.  As I allow my eyes to be opened by Him and His light to filter in, there is comfort. Healing.  Warmth.  Forgiveness.  Life.



5 minutes up.

“Open my eyes, that I may see wondrous things from Your Law.” – Psalm 119:18

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