Money Saving Entertainment at the Circus

I just remembered that I needed to sign up Strawberry for her “Baby’s First Circus” voucher through Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.   You have to sign up your child before their first birthday, but you can hold on to the voucher until you think your child is old enough to enjoy going to the circus.   I have only redeemed one voucher for one kid so far, but we did not have any trouble doing so.  I forgot to sign up a couple of my kids since I found out about the program, but have a voucher sitting in my entertainment money envelope that we got for Grape and I just signed up Strawberry.  Now if I can only remember to sign up Baby #6 next year (you can only sign up one baby per family per year – there are special exceptions for multiple births).

I thought that I might have a few readers who would be interested in signing up their youngest.  If interested in signing up your little one click here.

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