Losing Sight of Homeschool Goals

We are in our 5th year of homeschooling this year.  I have a 4th grader, 3rd grader, 1st grader, and three preschoolers ages 5,3,2 (at the time of writing this post).  By the time Thanksgiving rolled around this year, I found myself very weary and discouraged.  Please don’t get me wrong, my children are wonderful. I love that I have the ability to be home and homeschool them.  I love seeing the triumphs of the mental road maps that they develop, when something just clicks.  I love to see that spark.

On the other hand, this homeschool thing is work.  Never ending work.  When I taught outside the home I had a designated planning time.  But in my homeschooling world, planning, teaching, laundry, weekends, grading, cooking, everything ends up getting blurred into this one great big chunk of time.  Which is great.  And not great.

Around Thanksgiving of 2014, I found myself so ready for Christmas break.  I wasn’t so eager for the Christmas season and the festivities: with all the time commitments, tagged behind by all the holiday obligations, as I  was ready to be done with everything, so that I could rest.  My exhaustion came out so often in my thought process about homeschooling.   Many times, many days during those early weeks of December, I found my self thinking that it would be far, far easier to get up in the morning and send half the kids off to school so that someone else could be in charge of managing their education, grading their papers, dealing out the consequences when the expectations and school work was not finished.

I knew I was treading on dangerous territory.  I should have been joyful and thankful for the wonderful opportunity to be home with my children, to train them, love on them, disciple them, all the while having freedom from schools schedules.  I even found myself saying, that I knew God called me to this, but what was the purpose again?

I had lost perspective in the nitty-gritty, day-to-day laborious duties of a homeschooling mom.  I had lost my vision and my reasons for homeschooling were waning.

At the end of the month, Hubby and I were reviewing 2014 and talking about goals for 2015, when I stumbled upon a notebook that I had written down my reasons and goals for homeschooling several years back.  I was so refreshed to find this very rough draft copy of my homeschool goals.



My goal in educating our children is to teach them of God when we rise, sit, lay down, and go about our day.  My primary desire is for them to love God, love His Word, and love others. Secondly, I desire that as a fruit of their love of God they would develop godly characteristics.  Third, I desire for them to see God in all things.  I want them to see God in the world around them, as well as to see how He has orchestrated all things from history, science, and math for His glory and His purposes.  

I intend to do this by using the Bible as the greatest authority in all we learn. I aim to use all their God-given senses, abilities, and talents in order to teach them of the wonders of the Lord.  My hope is that they will be educated in the ways of the Lord in such a way that regardless of the size of a room they are placed in, their world will be big because they serve a mighty God.

I was so happy to have stumbled upon my vision and reasons for homeschooling. I found it was so very refreshing to read my scrawlings on that paper buried in an old notebook.  Now that these reasons have been brought back to the front of my mind, I find myself not feeling so overwhelmed, but instead empowered with purpose, trusting that if I keep seeking the Lord, and making decisions in line with these goals, homeschooling will once again feel manageable and more fruitful than just checking things off our to-do list.

 Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the task that God had called you to?  What are some of the things that help you to keep taking steps forward in obedience?

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