Lab Work and Phone Calls

his morning was consumed by phone calls between doctors offices and the lab.   Strawberry’s oncologist ordered some lab work too.  Last night I had taken her to the lab where our family doctor had sent some orders, but the guy working could not find them on the computer (even though the lady this morning could).  So, anyways that worked out well, because the oncologist ordered a lot of the same labs but a few different ones and we were able to get it all at once.  A huge praise in going for her labs, is that the technicians were able to draw blood with the first needle stick they did, which is a rarity for the times they have had to draw blood for Strawberry or any of my other kids.  Normally it takes 3-4 times of sticking the needle in them and wiggling it around in the kids vein before they are able to get a vein that will give them the blood that they are seeking.

I also spent time talking with the nurse from the OB office they ordered me to have 5th’s disease screening, which I went today and had done. She told me that even if it was 5th disease they would not be that concerned, but still it would be something that we should test for and more closely monitor baby if need be.  I also talked with my nurse about German measles because a friend from church called and told me that they had thought her daughter had recently had it.  However, when my nurse looked at my chart, they had already screened me to make sure that I would not be at risk for contracting German measles, and she said that my blood work had shown that I was immune.   So, that was good news too.

Strawberry still has that same low grade fever that shows up mid day.  Despite that she is doing pretty well, and she is really doing well with her walking.

I don’t think we are going to get any test results back today, so we just keep waiting and praying.

Thanks to all for your prayers and for checking in with us.

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