Keep (Five Minute Friday)

I am participating in Five-Minute Friday today.  Kate Motaung posts a word prompt each Friday.  Bloggers then just write for five minutes on that topic with out worrying about editing their work. 


A little word packed with so much umph.  I’ve always rather thought it had a bit of a negative connotation.


But today as I’ve been sitting on this word keep, I’ve come to realize that most of the time keep is in fact a strong, positive word.

To keep something or with something requires thought, discipline, intentionality.  Keep faithful in marriage. Keep the faith.  Keep the good fight.

Even if you look at it in a negative term….keep your germs to yourself, there is a great element of self control, of being disciplined to abstain from certain settings or activities.


Keep taking another step, even when you feel like quitting.  Keep believing when there seems to be no way out of a situation.

Keep remembering what the Lord has done.  Keep in love and in unity of the spirit.  Work is involved in keeping.


A very strong word indeed.

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