I was not prepared.

I love reading books.   I want my children to love reading books.   So far they all do.  I love to read to them.   I especially enjoy reading chapter books for to them.  I enjoy the time spent together as we watch the characters and plot develop throughout the book.   I relish the discussions that we end up having as a result of reading books together.   Since I’ve had kids (well even before ) I have been the one reading them stories (Hubby reads to them to…..but generally it is books I’ve already read).

I have also been very excited about them learning to read and sharing a love of reading with me.  I have enjoyed the process of being the one here teaching them to read.

But then the girls began to read.   At first they were reading BOB books and progressed to Dr. Seuss books.   But I was still the main reader in the house.

And then it happened.  Plum came to me the other day and asked me to read to her chapter 4 out of one of The American Girl Books.  I obliged after asking her who read the rest of it to her.   She told me that her Daddy had read her Chapter 1, Blueberry read her Chapter 2 & 3.   So I read her the chapter.  That night the girls had Hubby read to them again.  I asked him if he enjoyed reading and he told me that it was alright, but he only got to read the first and last chapter of the story because Blueberry and I had read the chapters in between.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but I feel left out .   I think Hubby did too.  I am excited they are reading and enjoying the process of reading, but I find it sad that if i want to enjoy the books they are enjoying reading that I will have to start sneaking them off to read them on my own.  I feel the slight growing pains of having to let them go little by little.   I did not expect these feelings to come along with them learning to read.

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