“nipple syrup” = maple syrup

Date time with Mommy.

“ear – tip” = q-tip

“publanna” = banana

“I want to go home.” = I want to go anywhere but home. She says this when she is at home or as we pull into the driveway and she is not quite ready to be home.

“Are my kids in the car?” = She asked me this as we were returning to the van from stopping at the bathroom with her after eating lunch. Hubby had brought the others to the van.

“I have a naughty nose.” = I have a snotty nose.

Sweet Potato asked me if I had a baby boy inside of me. I told him that I did not know if we would have a baby boy. Grape asks me if I can have a girl. “Blackberry is a girl,” I informed her. She vollies back, “No she’s not! She’s a baby! I want a girl!”

choirpractor = chiropractor

When taking a bath, she will announce “I found my body!” while sticking her legs up out the bathtub, when we bring the soap out to put on her.

Applecodas = avacodos

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  1. We need to exchange date night ideas and things to talk to our kids about. Oh…and date night ideas at home with hubbie. We’ll talk one of these days (may be next time I’m in town!)

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