Family Resemblance

When I was pregnant with Plum I could not get over the notion that she would be like my oldest sister.   While she is not just like my sister, there are quite a few personality traits that my oldest sister displayed through her life that I see present in Plum.  I am not quite sure if this is a result of them both being the oldest in the family or if it is a result of Plum inheriting some of the same personality gene traits of sister S.

I thought up until the last month of my pregnancy with Blueberry that she was a boy because I just had a feeling that the baby I was carrying was like my brother.   In the last month I started having an inclination that I was large with a baby girl wrapped in personality traits of my brother.  That inclination proved to be the case.   Blueberry does things and acts in ways that reminds me very vividly of what it was like to be a child playing (or trying to get away from) my brother.

Sweet Potato was a mystery to me all through out my pregnancy with him.   I really had no guess as to if I was bringing forth a he child or a she child.  I also had no idea who the kid was like.   I am still not completely sure.  I though for a long time that I could not decide who he was like because he must exhibit personality traits that where more prominent in Hubby’s side of the family; however I sensed a familiarity about him that I could not put my finger on.  At times I had a sneaking suspicion that the kid was like me and that is why I could not place the personality.  There have been times in the recent year where I am convinced he is plagued with some of my not so charming traits that I long to have Christ eradicate from my life.  The pride.   The tendency toward always having to be right.  The argumentative spirit.   A sharp tongue.   I see that in him.  Perhaps he is not like me.  After all, he is one of the sweetest little boys that I have ever seen.   He  is extremely affectionate and LOVES to give kisses.  A LOT of kisses (It is well-known that did not come from me…..Hubby will vouch for the fact that I am the “give me my space kind of girl”). He loves LOVES LOVES babies.  He is an eager helper as long as he can work alongside daddy or mommy.   So perhaps he just picked up my not so appealing characteristics.

When Grape was being knitted deep inside me, I was of the opinion she would be dressed in part of the personality of my little sister J.   The day we meet Grape, my expectations were confirmed.  She was red. The red grew deeper and deeper when she cried. Memories of my little sister are of a red little girl.  When my sister would cry or get mad she would turn redder.   Thankfully Grape did not have colic like sister J did. My sister cried and cried for months.   Grape did not, but I was deeply reminded of  sister J.  She moves like her.  She acts like her at times.  People who knew us from way back even will say that Grape reminds them of my little sister. Sister J has a little girl who is six months older than Grape.  Both little girls remind me much of sister J.

The pregnancy with Strawberry would be more like Sweet Potato.  I had no idea if I was round with a male or female.  I have yet to determine who I think this child will resemble in personality or in appearance.   I do see common physical traits that she shares with all her siblings, but I really have no guesses as to what type of personality she will add to our family.

I have said for many years, apparently I did not acquire those lessons in life which I needed to learn while residing in the home of my parents with my siblings because the Lord has presented me with new opportunities to engage and learn to live amongst the same personalities that once resided with me.  They are just wrapped in new adorable packages.

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