Family Nights

We have tried on and off for several years to have a family night or a movie night and we have always struggled to be consistent in making these nights happen on a weekly basis.


But we recently had a sweet friend challenge us to do so, even if getting to it means that for dinner we eat take-out or heat up some corn dogs.   So, for the last few weeks we have been having a family night.

We’ve had a movie night.  One night Hubby wrestled with kids while I completed memory pages with each individual kid.  Another night we took them for ice cream.  But the best night so far has been tonight.  Hubby brought home some pizza (Pappa John’s has 5.99 for a large on Monday nights) and then we watched home videos.  Some of the videos where from when Plum was a newborn. Then others where when Sweet Potato was a baby and the older girls were so little.  We even watched some of the videos that we had made today.  The kids loved it.  Plum said that this was the best movie night we had ever had.

I don’t know why today was the first day that I had the idea to watch old home videos for family night, but I am glad the idea came to my mind.

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