As Our Family Grows into a Large Family

A few things we have caught ourselves saying and doing as we shift from the normal size family to a large family.

1. ” We are almost out of eggs – we only have fifteen left.”

2.   I use to cook a pound of dried beans and it would last us several meals.  Now when I cook a lb of beans we can eat nearly all of them in one meal.

3.  We now think of our minivan as a small vehicle.

4.  I have started looking for ways to buy everything in bulk.

5. When I first started buying shredded cheese from SAMS I thought the package size was HUGE.  But in the last few months I keep finding myself thinking that the package is shrinking (but it’s not.)

6.  We have found ourselves talking about family size and our idea of a large family has increased from more than 3 kids to 8+ kids.

7. On that note, our kids think that we have a small family.

8. I’m really starting to notice the rise in grocery prices and at the same time, my kiddos are eating more.

9. If the washing machine does not run all day nearly every day we find ourselves with mountains of laundry.

10.   It has become a rather common occurrence to arrive at our destination to discover that in our rush to get out the door one (generally Grape) and sometimes several made it out to the van without shoes on.   So then we scavenge  the van for any shoes that have been left for an extended stay, to see how we can cover the soles of all our kids feet.   Sometimes what we find does not fit them too well.   Oh, and even if we have shoes for Grape she rarely has them on.  But that’s okay, our chiropractor says going without shoes will help her feet to develop better.

11.  When Hubby and I split the kids up between the two of us we both feel like we hardly have any kids at all.   In other words – taking care of three or less kids is now a breeze (though when only had 1, 2, or 3 we felt like our hands were indeed full).

What are some changes that you have noticed as your family has grown?

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