Watching Faith Grow

One of the best things about being a mom is the privilege of hearing my kids grow in faith and understanding.  I delight to hear them blurt out their observations and thought processes.  Sitting at a concert the other night, a lady was speaking expressing her heart that the kids in the program would grow in their faith and learn to seek God.  Strawberry tilts her little face up to my ear and proclaims, “She’s crazy! God Is EVERYWHERE.”

It took me a minute to realize that she was confused as to why the lady would say kids should seek Him, because one of the basic truths that Strawberry has learned is that He is everywhere.

It looks like we have some work on teaching her what it means for a person to seek after His heart.opening-my-eyes.JPG

But I love watching faith grow in my kids.

Blogelina #1000 Mom Blog Makeover

Blogelina is a great resource in building and growing your blog.  Tanya has a great heart to see others succeed in this blog world.  To help accomplish that as well as raise money for she has initiated a plan where you donate $10 to this ministry and her team at Blogelina will makeover your blog with one of the new WordPress themes.  This applies to the first 1000 who sign up. For more information check out her post on this great deal.


Free Children’s Book

I had an email just come across my inbox that I thought a few of my readers might find of interest.  Titus2 ministries has the first book, Summer with the Moody’s,  in their children’s book series free until May 9th.  I grabbed a download for my girls.  Your kids might enjoy one too.


Craftsy Sale

*This post is an affiliate link.  If you click on it and purchase anything through this link, I will get a little bit of money from the sale.

Craftsy is having a Valentine’s sale of up to 50% off their classes. 

Blueberry has been asking to learn how to make jellies for months now.  I found this class, Jam & Marmalade for her to take as her next handicraft project and I snagged it.

I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out because Plum really enjoyed her free class on how to make bags.

If interested, hurry over because the Valentine’s day sale ends tonight at 11:59 MT.

Grape Turned 4

Grape arrived at the grand age of 4 towards the end of November. We treasure her so very much and are so thankful for the blessing of her. Grape often lights up the room with her smile, and yet has not lost her ability to make one feel as if they are on the verge of entering the Cold War with her glare. She is quite an expressive child. She has known all the letter sounds for some time and is frequently heard sounding out words alongside her big brother. Some days she is extremely interested in doing school, but others she would rather play babies. Or even better she wants to direct her little sisters in role playing various families we know. She loves singing. Sometimes I hear Grape and Strawberry singing praise songs- with Dewberry chiming in, while they all stand on the hearth of the fireplace pretending to be at church. Grape will then take the role of the preacher and start quoting the various scripture she knows.

We are thankful for the opportunity to parent this sweet child.

In celebration of her birthday, we granted her request to take her and her siblings (which are also her best friends) to the children’s museum.


The Wind and the flies

Strawberry’s sweet voice is often heard belting out a song as she runs around the house or rides along in the car. She doesn’t always get the words just right and sometimes she is actually blending a couple of songs together. She had me laughing the other day as she was trying to sing one of her favorite songs, 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman. She was singing the right tune but when she got to the line “the sun comes up, it’s a new day dawning,” she started getting all mixed up. She started to interchange the words with another song that says “the rain comes down and the flood comes up.” She tried to get the line right several times and kept changing the words and then the tune. Then she sang out, “the wind dies down and the flies come up.” Frustrated with herself she turned to her brother and said, “Help me sing it!”

Celebrating finished Math Book and Copywork Book

Blueberry finished two schoolbooks this week. To celebrate we told her she could chose a dessert while we were at SAMS. She meandered down the aisles first choosing cereal and then various other delectable treats, she finally landed on this rose covered cake.