Grocery Challenge Update

I completely failed this challenge.

But with every goal set, regardless of if one hits the mark or not, there is good that comes from making the goal.

I’m not even sure how much I actually went over my challenge because fast food happened, Hubby grabbed a few things from the store, I made a quick dash to pick up somethings.  When I did the shopping for the camping trip, I spent over $200.  So, I know that I was way over what I was hoping to spend.

However, doing this challenge required me to be more mindful about what was happening.  I realized a few things in this process.

Purposeful Planning Days are Essential

We started having purposeful planning days for me in January.  This is the time for me to quiet my mind, plan school, plan food, make lists of top priorities.  Hubby and I were both noticing such benefits from this time for the 4 to 5 weeks that I consistently held to having this time.  But then I missed several weeks in a row of this time.  Some of those missed where because I was sick.  Apparently, something else interfered with the other weeks, though its like grasping to hold air in my mind as I try to place my finger on what caused the interruption.  Nonetheless, it serves my family and me well to have a few hours of quiet to collect my thoughts and make a plan for what needs to happen in our home.  I am more grounded as a result of having this time and have a better idea of what steps to take in a week.

I need to let some things go or rearrange the timing of activities

The end of the week for me is crazy.  On Fridays we have a homeschool co-op that we go to.  Thursdays is the day of preparation for Friday.  We get bags packed, homework finished to turn in, I finalize my preschool lesson for the week and gather all the materials and toys for the preschool class, we pack snacks, pack lunches, come up with a grab and run breakfast. Thursdays are just hectic.  That is followed by Thursday evenings which either consist of AHG and TrailLife meetings or Women’s Fellowship Time.  Our entire family attends AHG/Traillife meetings.  Hubby is a Traillife leader.  I am an AHG leader.  The 2 older girls participate in AHG while Sweet Potato is in TrailLife.  The 3 younger girls run between hubby and me and the nursery.  We finish up at those meetings late generally getting up at 8:45-9.  If we are having a good night kids are in bed by 10, but there have been many nights where they are all still up at 11.  We then finish up with lunches and gathering supplies.

Women Fellowship Night is much calmer than AHG/TrailLife days, but I am still generally not home till 10.

Fridays are busy days with coop.  It ends a bit after lunch.   Then on choir days (generally ever other week) the kids have practice from 1:30-3:30.  Every week , I pick up veggies and milk from a local farmer, which about an hour process.

When I get home I’m spent.  Sometimes I manage to get dinner on the table.  More often than not we end up with leftovers or take out.  These are the times I most resent Fibro. I feel like I should get so much more done.  But I just crash.

I then feel like the rest of the weekend I am running to keep up with all the things to do on during that weekend.

All of these things are good.  But it is so much packed in to a few days.  This is where money gets blown on food eaten out.

So I am realizing that I need to let some things on my calendar go in order for us to meet our financial goals, along with other goals for our family. Or I need to spread my activity outside the home out through out the week.

Yummy Food – Grocery Challenge Update

I apologize for being late on getting out these posts on our meals and grocery challenge update.  The end of our week was pretty packed tight.

On Friday I bought two dozen eggs from our farmer friend.  Cost $5.  I have a balance of $95 to make it with till March 14th.

Also, as those of you who are THM followers will be able to tell, I’m not doing the best at getting back on the diet.  I’ve had lots of Crossover meals and other just plain cheat meals. But it’s all been yummy food.

On another note, we have used all the money allotted in our eating out fund for the rest of February.  If we eat out or have take-out during this time, it has to come from my grocery budget.


Breakfast: Slow Cooker Apple Oatmeal (E)

Lunch: leftovers

Dinner: homemade pizza using homemade pizza crust that was in freezer


Breakfast: Cheese Omelets (S)

Lunch: leftovers & oranges

Dinner Chicken chili (E)


Breakfast: Cheese Omelets (S)

Lunch: Turkey Roll-ups, chips, dried fruit, apple

Dinner:  Dinner out on the town courtesy of a kind individual who gifted everyone in family with a burger, shake, and fries.


Breakfast: Dutch puff (kids), smoothie (Hubby), 7.2 shake (me)

Lunch:  leftovers

Dinner: Swiss chad pie(S) and Pakistani Kima from Wellness Mama Cookbook (an affiliate link (CO)



Breakfast: Peanut Butter Pancakes (S)  7.2 shake (E)(me)

Lunch:  We joined church members for pizza at local pizza joint.

Dinner: Beans, rice, Mexican crockpot chicken

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Grocery Challenge – venison, sweet potato, and greens hash

venisonsweetpotatohash Breakfast – pb toast with raisins, Hubby – smoothie, Me – 7.2 shake


Lunch – leftovers


Dinner – Venison, sweet potato,  and greens hash with blueberries and strawberries


I am documenting this as a result of our grocery challenge.  So far we have not spent anything else on groceries.

Food for Grocery Challenge

Reporting about our meals as a part of our Grocery Challenge.


Kids ate peanut butter cinnamon toast with an apple.

Hubby and I ate a protein bar.



Turkey sausage and greens skillet meal

Oven Roasted Beets


Cream Cheese Meatloaf, wilted greens, brussel sprouts, and strawberriesDINNER (S-meal)

Cream Cheese Meatloaf

Sautéed Greens

Roasted Brussell Sprouts




What foods did you eat?

Weekend food for our Grocery Challenge

I mentioned in my last post how we were trying to eat what we had and keep our grocery budget low for the next month.

Here our list of weekend food.



Eggs and sausage (16 eggs and 1 pound of sausage)


Cheesy broccoli, chicken soup with strawberries (S meal) + the kids had some oranges and grapes left from a previous mealweekendfood2.JPG


Steak, oven roasted broccoli, grilled cabbage, and carrot sticks (crossover or Paleo)



Cheese Omelets – 13 eggs (S meal)


Mexican Chicken, rice, carrot sticks, apples (E) meal


We ate out with friends.  The cost incurred with this came out of our eating out budget.