Tomorrow – Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday’s word this week:


A new beginning.  A new perspective.  New opportunities.  Tomorrow at one point in my life was filled with expectancy, excitement, hope.  As I sit contemplating on “tomorrow” I realize that somewhere along the way I lost my wonder.  The excitement and the joy that came in the new day.

I realize my folly.  I should look upon my tomorrows with an expectancy that God will show up.  A zest for life.

I’m finding my way back to this place, as I dig in the Word. Sitting with the Lord changes me.  Takes away fear.  Gives me eyes to see more of the wonder and the glory that occurs in the day-to-day of life.

Tomorrow: A day worth being excited about if I’m letting the Lord lead.

How do you view your tomorrows?

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I began a post for FMF back at the beginning of March, but never finished posting it because I was tucked away in a tent that weekend, hidden from the world, but not all the kids.

The word to blog about: plan

A white, crisp blank calendar is a thrill to my heart.  I love to look upon the days laid out before me, to imagine, plan, and dream of the excitement that they may contain.  I thoroughly enjoy jotting out the ideas, the things I want to see come to fruition.

Plans are so much fun.  The what if, and the how, the lists, all of this doing brings about a thrill in my heart.  I actually really love to plan.

Plans are full of expectancy, hope, greatness.

But the reality of what is met in the middle of the excitement of planning to the execution of the plan, well that is another story.

In my zest of planning, I seem to over plan.  Then, I struggle to meet those expectations that I’ve put upon myself.  I often think I am failing others, but I’m not sure that I am so much as not meeting my own ideals. Perhaps, I’m just more keenly aware of all that is left undone.

I find myself flustered over my plans in the end. Overwhelmed.  Wondering why in the world I ever thought I could muster up the energy or the ability to do whatever it was that I had planned.

I’m so thankful that scripture teaches that man makes plans, but God directs the steps of man.  So thankful that He will set me on a right path, even though the plans I make seem to be failing.


It’s time for 5-Minute Friday Post.  Where writers bravely write for 5 minutes on a word put forth by Kate Motaung, the host of 5 Minute Friday.


I never feel like I can get there.

Always striving. Always missing the mark.

Now good enough. Sometimes I make it there.

Mismatched socks.

Piles of stuff undone.

My “want -to’s”pushed to the side.

I settle often, but I never quite feel like I achieve good.

I guess because the word has been cheapened.  We were told as kids, heck I tell my own kids, “be good.”  But realistically, one can not be good.  Scripture tells us this foundational truth, “there is none who is good, no not one.

There is a yearning in many people to achieve goodness.  But apart from Christ we cannot be good.

Something that seems like it should be so simple is to just be good.  We so nonchalant with the way we use this word.  Yet it can not be accomplished apart from Christ.  We are in a desperate need for Him for there to be any goodness, any beauty, any good work.

 Oh, how we need Jesus.

Because what He has done is good.  He finished His work of creating us and He said it was good.

He completed His work on the cross and said it was done.  And that was good.

But I spend my days striving to accomplish more in attempt to feel as if I am good, and yet what I really need to do is run to Him. Let His goodness cover me.  Allow Him do that work that He has begun in me. Trust Him to finish what He desires to finish in me because He is good.

Break With A Mission

We were camping last weekend.  I attempted my FMF post while driving but internet was spotty.  Since I wrote it, I will be brave and go ahead and post.

Friday’s Word was: BREAK.

As I thought about the word break, images of playing basketball during my school years kept coming forth.

Here I go:

Team huddled in a circle, arms extended in, hand stacked upon one another.  The plan is given.  “BREAK!”  Players scatter ready to defend and score points. The huddle gives instruction, puts everyone on the same page.  Purpose.  The “Break” signifies “Go.”

Christ gave us the “Go.” The Words are in the great commission. Go into the world and make disciples.

I wonder what would happen if the smaller church – the local church, meet together in small huddles. Every believer given details on what area to defend, which offensive play was at hand.  We would then move forward in a “Break” scenario with enthusiasm working as a team until it was time for checking in at the next huddle meeting to revamp the strategy. Would we be more effective in our mission to “Go and make disciples” instead of lost wandering around on the playing field of this life, players stumbling over each other’s feet, because no one knows where the other is going? Would our impact be greater?

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How would you view a “breaking with a mission” mindset?

Gather At The Table

This is written as part of 5-Minute Friday, where brave writers assemble together online, to share 5 minutes worth of written word on a given topic put forth by Kate Motaung.

This Weeks Word: gather

 Come, Gather at the table.


You will find us here much of our day.

We gather at the table for breakfast and to soak our teeth in on wisdom from Proverbs.

School happens around our table.  Math, history, drawing.

Conversations happen, gathered at our table.  Laughter, tears.  We see it all.  Gathered at the table.

We work on teaching the children to put others first.  Chew with their mouths closed.  We teach the practical while sitting, gathered at the table.  

Spiritual connections are made, formed, deep into their little  minds and souls. As we gather at the table, to share our victories, frustrations, thanksgivings. To raise our voice to the Lord.

All this, while gathered at the table.

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I would love to hear in the comment section about how you find yourself gathering around the table.


Opening my eyes

Another week of Five Minute Friday, where writers come together, to put thoughts to written word in five minutes of unedited writing.


This week’s word:  OPEN

Light filters in the crack of curtains, dark.  Eyes squint trying to adjust to the light peeking in.  I open the curtains and give time for my eyes to adjust, to be ready to open to the day.

Have it my way, many mornings I would stay in the dark much longer, lingering, delaying the opening of my eyes.  Content to stay put.  Stay still.  Stay quiet.

I find life parallels the spiritual.  Too many times, I would rather stay closed, shut.  Not letting Light in to those places that need light to shine.  Instant light hurts.  It reveals sin. Yet just as I want to hide from light during the morning, I thrive from the warmth of the light as it filters into a room.opening-my-eyes.JPG

The same way with the Light of the World.  As I allow my eyes to be opened by Him and His light to filter in, there is comfort. Healing.  Warmth.  Forgiveness.  Life.



5 minutes up.

“Open my eyes, that I may see wondrous things from Your Law.” – Psalm 119:18

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When Children Are Grown

Barreling towards me is the day when laundry and toys will no longer be littered about the house.  Shoes will not walk off, or be loved on as toys.  The days are coming when evenings will be absent of shouts, laughing, giggles, and silly stories.  Five minutes to write, will truly be five minutes to write; curly-headed girls will not be opening door, peering in with attempts of capturing mommy’s attention.  When fingerprints are no longer smeared all over every door and cupboard: evidence of precious hands exploring their world.  Coming soon to my days, the load will be much lighter, there will be less mouths at the table to daily feed.  When that day comes, will I look back and rejoice in the time I took to kiss the tears away, speak truth to the child, smile encouragement into their soul?  Or when that day comes, will I look on the past with regret, wistfully yearning for it to return?

5 minutes are up.

“Dr. Geikie’s book, entitled ‘Life,’ opens with these words: ‘Some things God gives often:  some he gives only once.  The seasons return again and again, and the flowers change with the months-but youth comes twice to none.’  Childhood comes but once with its opportunities.  Whatever is done to stamp it with beauty, must be done quickly!”   – J.R. Miller – The Christian Family: Home-Making (affiliate link)

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Keep (Five Minute Friday)

I am participating in Five-Minute Friday today.  Kate Motaung posts a word prompt each Friday.  Bloggers then just write for five minutes on that topic with out worrying about editing their work. 


A little word packed with so much umph.  I’ve always rather thought it had a bit of a negative connotation.


But today as I’ve been sitting on this word keep, I’ve come to realize that most of the time keep is in fact a strong, positive word.

To keep something or with something requires thought, discipline, intentionality.  Keep faithful in marriage. Keep the faith.  Keep the good fight.

Even if you look at it in a negative term….keep your germs to yourself, there is a great element of self control, of being disciplined to abstain from certain settings or activities.


Keep taking another step, even when you feel like quitting.  Keep believing when there seems to be no way out of a situation.

Keep remembering what the Lord has done.  Keep in love and in unity of the spirit.  Work is involved in keeping.


A very strong word indeed.

Wait (Five Minute Friday)

I am participating in Five-Minute Friday today.  Kate Motaung posts a word prompt each Friday.  Bloggers then just write for five minutes on that topic with out worrying about editing their work. 

Today’s Prompt is: WAIT

Wait. A word I dislike, yet find myself saying far too often.

Wait seems to be a pattern in my life. Probably because I have a tendency to always be in a hurry. I can remember being in a hurry to grow up, move out, graduate college, marry, get a job.

My kids always seem to be in a hurry too. And now I am constantly telling them to wait. Wait till I am finished helping your sister, then I will help you. Wait your turn in line. Be content that it is winter. Wait patiently for Spring.

This season in my life, in some ways I feel as if God is telling me wait. Wait. I’ve got something for you to learn in this place. Wait. Learn contentment. Wait. See how I am going to move. Wait.

Wait on the Lord.

Share (Five Minute Friday)

Share. Share life. Share germs.  Share burdens. Share blessings. Share gifts.

We all share.  Perhaps we are sharing our smile that radiates to another and encourages a downcast soul.  On the other hand, we might share the worry on our face, the anger through our scowl.

We share food, breaking bread together, with our lives spilling over through conversations around the table.  We also share our germs around that same table as hand dips into bowls of food, as we laugh and talk, we unthinkingly share those nasty little germ bugs.

Our rooms, our space, our bed: All of this gets shared in marriage and then parenthood.  Selfishness is exposed as we enter into each of these new phases, learning how to share.  Peering into our souls, realizing that the selfless person we thought we were, is not really so selfless.

Sometimes it is painful to share.

But when we share we find love, fellowship, friendship.  We learn to consider others better than ourselves.