Break With A Mission

We were camping last weekend.  I attempted my FMF post while driving but internet was spotty.  Since I wrote it, I will be brave and go ahead and post.

Friday’s Word was: BREAK.

As I thought about the word break, images of playing basketball during my school years kept coming forth.

Here I go:

Team huddled in a circle, arms extended in, hand stacked upon one another.  The plan is given.  “BREAK!”  Players scatter ready to defend and score points. The huddle gives instruction, puts everyone on the same page.  Purpose.  The “Break” signifies “Go.”

Christ gave us the “Go.” The Words are in the great commission. Go into the world and make disciples.

I wonder what would happen if the smaller church – the local church, meet together in small huddles. Every believer given details on what area to defend, which offensive play was at hand.  We would then move forward in a “Break” scenario with enthusiasm working as a team until it was time for checking in at the next huddle meeting to revamp the strategy. Would we be more effective in our mission to “Go and make disciples” instead of lost wandering around on the playing field of this life, players stumbling over each other’s feet, because no one knows where the other is going? Would our impact be greater?

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How would you view a “breaking with a mission” mindset?

2 thoughts on “Break With A Mission

  1. I love this! Break meaning go is a good reminder that we need to be on the move in our mission to lead others to the Lord. Spring break is over now – back to work tomorrow =) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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