Blog Intentions

On the outset of me starting this blog, I intended for it to be two-fold.  First, I wanted to be able to encourage other moms.  Second, I planned on recording things that happened in our family life as a means of collecting memories (since I am terrible at any other type of memory collecting).

As of late, I can rarely find the time to blog, so I am using that short time to record bits and pieces of our family life.  I know that I will probably remember very little of this stage which is just a natural result of how crazy it is with life demands from all these littles and so little sleep.  It saddens me that I will remember so little of it (there is so much about my older three that I have completely forgotten about until a picture conjures of some slight recollect of the event).  On the other hand, there are parts of this stage that I do not want to remember, which are all largely a result of the hormonal imbalances that make me feel so crazy.

So please bear with me as I repeatedly post about my kids and their accomplishments and silly antics.  I do intend at some point to post things that others may find helpful, encouraging, or relevant to their lives.  But for the time being, I am trying to record bits and pieces of who my kids are at this time in their lives so that I can give an account to them when they ask me to tell them stories about their past in a few short years.

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