Answered Prayers for Strawberry

My Strawberry turned four in February.  This little girl, whom we desperately cried out to the Lord for in her early years.  So many of you did too.  We appreciate those prayers.  We are so thankful for His answer that the spot continued to shrink.

Blessed to have to deal with just the effects.  She had surgery to correct the droopy eye in September of 2013.  An addition of glasses in  December of 2014.  Praise be to God, that is the extent of her physical effects.


She’s always been a bit different from the others.  Dissolving to tears in frustration, fear.  A loss for words.  Complete meltdowns. Much more clingy to her parents than the others were.  Mistrusting of people she first meets.

We’ve discussed often, is this just the make-up of her dna?  Is she just a more sensitive child? Would she have been as high-strung had she not been poked and prodded at by strangers at such a young age? Or maybe we coddled her too much? Spoiled her when she was little.  Over reacted to all her needs for fear there was more gloom to come.

Whatever the case, we have learned disciplining her is a different ball game than it was with her siblings.  She’s just more sensitive.  We have to talk to her differently.  Get her to catch her breath so she can even begin to hear what we have to say.  She is a different child.

God still is in the business of answering prayers, and I saw it in regards to this child a few weeks past her 4th birthday.  We were having a rough patch of tears and meltdowns.  I found myself one night beseeching the Lord, “I need wisdom for this kid.  Help her.  Draw her to you.  I don’t know what to do with her. Only you Lord can change her.  Only you can draw her heart to You.”


The following morning, we had breakfast and followed that up with chores.  All the kids were beginning their school work, and I thought to myself, that it just seemed so much more peaceful. I wondered why.

My Strawberry, stands up from her activity, walks over to me, and boldly announces “I’m going to obey today.”

“You are?  That’s good.  What made you decide to obey today?”

“Because God told me to last night in my bed while I was sleeping.”

She did really well that day.  At one point I asked her to complete a task that was displeasing to her.  I saw it on her face.  “Sweet girl, remember what you were going to do today?”

“Yeah, I told you I was going to obey.”

As she went about completing her task, with a pleasant face.

God hears.  He answers.

And He has a plan for this little girl.

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