18 months

Grape is 18 months.

I think my father summed her up when he said, “She’s  pretty quiet most of the time.  But you can’t trust her.   You never know what she’s going to get into.”

She is so full of energy.  So cute.   She keeps me on my toes.

She loves her little sister – well all of her siblings.  But she loves to “help” her little sister.  And she loves the praise that she gets from her big brother and big sisters.

She has learned to say sorry and give hugs after hitting or biting one of her siblings.

I’ve also seen her start to offer comfort to her brother and sisters.  When they are upset and crying she will come up and hug them and tell them in a sweet voice “ioveu” and “orry” and then give kisses.

This last month she learned how to climb out of her bed, so we took the rails off, and she is now in a toddler bed.   She is being trained to obey and stay in her bed once Mommy and Daddy tell her it is bed time.

Grape loves school time.  She enjoys drawing, coloring, using blocks, and playing with the shape sorters.

She loves the cats we have outside and will pick them up and carry  them around…by their skin.  The kittens are not too fond of her.  The momma kitty is extremely patient and gentle with all the “loving” that Grape passes along.

One of Grape’s favorite pass times is swinging.  Since I often will help the kids to swing higher by grabbing their feet and pushing them, she has learned how to say, “FEET FEET FEET” while she swings. And she wants to be pushed just like her older siblings are pushed.

Dancing with her Uncle

Our sweet little girl is talking more and more.  She is pretty quite around other people, but when it is just our family she is stringing word’s together and trying to “steal the show” from everyone else.

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  1. Oh. so true! That quote made me laugh. Little mischievous one! I miss those stare-downs and furrowed brows.

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